mp3 FatCat Records / ov19 Õunaviks 2015

Free download: soundcloud.com/fatcatrecords / ounaviks.bandcamp.com

1. Vashti Bunyan “Across the Water”
2. Spice Mouse “Teenage Crimes”
3. Mirjam tally “Intro: Main theme from Ülo Pikkov's film Body Memory”
4. Mari Kalkun “Kevadel metsas”
5. Kago “Taivaminek”
6. Maarja Nuut “Veere, veere päevakene”
7. C Duncan “For”
8. cirkl “Malmö”

» Album's newspaper Mahlapress nr 13 (mostly in Estonian)

1. Music, arrangement and lyrics by Vashti Bunyan; 2. Music, arrangement and lyrics by Laura Vunk;
3. Music and arrangement by Mirjam Tally, additional musicians: Jaak Lutsoja (accordion), Tõnu Jõesaar
(cello) and Kersti Ala-Murr (mixed with electronics); 4. Music and arrangement by Mari Kalkun, lyrics by
Marie Heinberg (from the compilation “Songs of a Troubled Child“, 1906); 5. Music and arrangement by
Lauri Sommer; lyrics Seto folklore, 6. Music and arrangement by Maarja Nuut; lyrics Estonian runo song;
7. Music, arrangement and lyrics Christopher Duncan; 8. Music, arrangement and lyrics by Liis Ring.

Free 8-track sampler featuring artists performing at the showcase curated by FatCat Records (UK) and
Õunaviks (EST) at Mustpeade Maja on 27th March as part of Tallinn Music Week 2015.
Artwork by Dave Howell, using a photo by Jüri Arrak of Vaike Lubi's self-built forest structure.