About the label

Õunaviks is a small Estonian record label founded in 2003. We’re focused on fresh talents and a select group of artists signed to the label, currently: Maarja Nuut & Ruum, PuuluupPastacas, Liis Ring and Kago. We’ve also released two Mari Kalkun’s solo albums, records by Erkki Hüva, Agulikass, Tuljak, Lilleaken, Iduvigik and Martiini. In addition to solo albums we also publish a compilation series called “Toatuur” (Backroom Trip).

Contact, promo and demos

  • E-mail: info(at)ounaviks.ee
  • Postal address: Õunaviks, Toompuiestee 13/2-5, Tallinn 10142, Estonia
  • Distribution in Scandinavia and Baltic states: Playground Music, contact: toivo(at)playground.com
  • Promo copies: for promotional copies of releases please write: info(at)ounaviks.ee
  • Demos: all demos are welcome, we listen all of them, but we’re not capable to respond to everything