CD ov14 / Õunaviks 2012

  1. Magellani raadio kutsung (Radio Magellan Calling)
  2. Puhas puulpäiv (Pure Saturday)
  3. Mallega (With Malle)
  4. Ehitage uus maa (Build A New Land)
  5. Vahekord (Relationship)
  6. Kindakirjad (Mitten Patterns)
  7. Lätsi läbi Võmmorski (As I Went Throug The Võmmorski Village)
  8. Mets (Forest)
  9. Vari (Shadow) » Soundcloud / video @ Vimeo
  10. Helian 2 (Helian 2)
  11. Sairon mairon (Sairon Mairon)
  12. Noorekuu (New Moon’s)
  13. Igal suvel (Every Summer)
  14. Tetermats (Tetermats)
  15. Meis on see viimne laul (There’s This Last Song In Us)
  16. Mõttetaust (Backround for Concentration)
  17. Lõpetuse ingel (Angel Of Ending)
  18. Vesi voolab (Water Flows) » Soundcloud
  19. Liidiga yleval (Awake With Liidi)

Boonus mp3 EP

  1. Keksides läbi linna (Hopscotching Through The Town)
  2. Öiste vestluste vari (Shadow Of Nocturnal Talks) » video
  3. Surmavõtja (Deathwinner)
  4. Mis jäi sulle andmata (What’s Left Ungiven To You)
  5. Sind pole veel (You’re Not Here Yet)

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Kago’s 4th album “Ibipaio“ might be described as unreal folk music. It’s the meeting place of solo piano tracks, folk-song-alike choral melodies heard in a dream, troubadour stuff with touches of folk-blues and early music, dictaphone and well’s drawbeam as a rhytmic instruments, cat’s purring as a loop, sound of Pekko Käppi’s archaic jouhikko and so forth. Lyrics in seto dialect and classical estonian poetry add the “local“ touches to this utopian soundworld.

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