Liis Ring

12" ov23 Õunaviks 2019

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“Woolgathering” was a title that came to Liis Ring by coincidence. When getting familiar with the meaning of the word, which would be something like ‘letting the mind wander aimlessly’, it felt as if it captured her recent approach to creating music. The music resembles a long stroll across a changing landscape where the eye catches glimpses of different colours and forms. Here, the ear wanders through a swamp of sounds where the spontaneity of an idea is more important than being fixed to a certain genre or style. It is, in the same way as Ring’s latest EP “Åker”, recorded in as few takes as possible, left unpolished, in the same rooms where they first saw light, including a lot of field recordings. Thus, “Woolgathering” is an album that contains bits and pieces of thoughts, places, feelings – like a collection of dreams. Small pieces of wool, all of them unique, become a nice warm sweater when woven together.



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  2. Oslo. July.
  3. C of leaves
  4. 28, in flames


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  2. 寿司の音楽 yesyesyes
  3. mundane magic
  4. woolgathering
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