The multi-instrumentalist known as Pastacas (Ramo Teder as a painter) was born in the small town of Viljandi. His stage-name actually means “ballpoint pen,” which refers to his preferred instrument for sketching and composing. With the repeated involvement of acoustic guitars, mandolins, and flutes, which are often channeled through delay and/or loop pedals, Pastacas’ compositions have been called “remarkably charming and creative” by Wire magazine. In his music, there’s always a clear vein of playful fantasy at work: “It can be disorienting listening to Pastacas. He writes his own lyrics, but it’s almost impossible to say what language he’s working in. He borrows words from both Estonian and Finnish, while throwing his own made-up vocabulary into the mix… The lyrics are [then] layered, cut up, looped, or slowed down to a narcoleptic pace. Sentiment and emotion are more important than any literal meaning. The resulting tracks aren’t so much songs as flights of whimsy.”


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