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“Pohlad” is a fourth Pastacas‘ solo album, released 2016 after 10 years pause. The album would have released much earlier, but at 2012 Pastacas lost over 700 (yes!) song drafts after his hard drive broke. Now he also had over 100 tracks in the first selection and 17 of them get finally on the album. As Pastacas records usually, it’s a cocktail consists of quite different ingredients: ambient, electronica, freak folk, jazz, polka and even one couple. Most vocals and lyrics are by Pastacas , only on track “Sinu sõbrad” you hear singing his daughter Pihla Alina Teder and “Tuul tõustes” lyrics is written by Estonian poet Tõnu Õnnepalu. Instruments: backpacker and acoustic guitar, flute, talharpa (Hiiu kannel), piano, drums, Microkorg, mandolin and double bass (by Tanel Kadalipp).
Recorded between 1810–2015 at Pastacas’ home studio in Teijo, Finland. Mastered by Lauri Liivak at Forwards Studio, Tartu. Vinyl cut by Andreas “Lupo” Lubich at Calyx Mastering, Berlin. All drawings and handwritten texts on album’s cover and insert also by Pastacas aka Ramo Teder as a painter.


  1. Erikool
  2. Kuulamind varsti
  3. Niidud
  4. Klal
  5. Pohlad
  6. Monotomnik
  7. Siiri paari
  8. Kidra flasokate lugu


  1. Äiti ütles et » Soundcloud
  2. Sinu papu » Soundcloud / video @ Vimeo
  3. Say you way me » Soundcloud / video @ Vimeo
  4. Tuul tõustes
  5. Pilv mürab
  6. Tünaldi dora
  7. Sinu sõbrad
  8. Eelmisel
  9. Su viipaletta

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