Fables of a Faraway Land

cirkl / Liis Ring

LP / CD ov18 Õunaviks 2014

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“cirkl aka Liis Ring published her first demos via Soundcloud autumn 2013. A year later we can enjoy her emotionally stirring full length effort Fables of a Faraway Land, an album which actually is composed of material written before there was an idea for the album itself. Her world is immediately expressed in her debut Fables of a Faraway Land, and yet it’s completely out of reach. It feels withdrawn in the most beautiful way imaginable, like it’s waiting behind yet another layer and yet another motif; like Liis Ring’s presence is to be arrived, without having arrived. In that sense the album seems to be talking more of absence than of presence, suggesting that the world is yet wide. And for her indeed it is – it’s easy to hide away, easy to lose oneself in it. The nostalgic aching towards some “faraway land” contributes to the distant feel of the album. But it’s not merely about proximity, her work, as intimate and sincere as it is, is neither near nor far. Her sound inherits the subtle spaces between these terms, navigating beyond and returning with something so beautiful that only deserves to be hidden again in the distance, layers and withdrawal of her sound. The light and airy atmosphere, that seems to keep us distant, appears to be exactly the thing that accommodates such diverse interests that Liis Ring is presenting. How can you comprise an album full of ambient undertones, jazzy clusters, electronic beats, indie-pop mentality; and still sound genuine… she knows, and it hurts.” Ahti Arumetsa (Sound & Beyond 11.2014)

All songs written, arranged and recorded by Liis Ring. All lyrics by Liis Ring. Mixed by Karl Petti and Liis Ring. Mastered by Lauri Liivak at Forwards Studio, Tartu. Vinyl cut by Andreas “Lupo” Lubich at Calyx Mastering, Berlin. Illustrations and design by Eiko Ojala.


  1. The Meeting » Soundcloud
  2. Linnu lend
  3. Jag talar med katter
  4. Kompositsioon sekstetile


  1. Fool’s Gold » Soundcloud
  2. Belle fleur
  3. Malmö
  4. Fables of a Faraway Land
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