Liis Ring

Releases by Liis Ring:

2019: Liis Ring “Woolgathering” (12″ ov23 Õunaviks)
2018: Liis Ring “Åker” (cassette, self released)
2016: Liis Ring “Satori EP” (10″, self released)
2014: cirkl “Fables of a Faraway Land” (12″/CD ov12 Õunaviks)

Liis Ring (formerly cirkl) is a (sound) artist, a musician, a wanderer, a thinker, a collector, a bird watcher, an idealist (and the list goes on depending on the day) currently based somewhere between Tallinn-Tartu/Estonia and Gothenburg/Sweden.
Her first solo album, “Fables of a Faraway Land” was released in late 2014 by the Estonian indie record label Õunaviks, summing up the material of her youthful, searching years, thus placing a corner stone for the music yet to come. “Fables of a Faraway Land” is as contradictory as its content – it is a personal, self-reflecting diary-like album, softly lyrical yet fiercly dramatic. It is a weird yet surprisingly balanced mixture of r&b, indie pop, jazz and classical. The design and illustrations for the album were made by Eiko Ojala.
In 2016, Liis Ring abandoned her pseudonym and self-released her EP “Satori”. “Satori”, referring to the Buddhist “awakening” as well as the supernatural monsters from Japanese folklore, marks a new course towards a more conceptual approach to music writing. It is an album about something lost and something found and the places that witnessed it. “Satori” is site-specific, critical, juxtaposing time and space and questioning their constancy, exuding the same childish energy and sincere enthusiasm that “Fables of a Faraway Land” did. But “Satori” is maturer, the arrangements clearer and the overall sound more consistent. The characterisitic dreamy pop melodies are still present, but accompanied by darker layers. To call it experimental pop would be too generalizing, though. The ears will know best.

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